Zero Tension Cable Laying Plow (Dozer Mounted)

Ensuring the delicate fibers in fiber-optic cables remain undamaged during installation is crucial. McCullochs takes the guesswork out with our innovative "Zero Tension" kit, designed for laying both copper and fiber-optic communications cable.

This unique system eliminates tension on the cable, preventing stress and potential breakage. Perfect for a wide range of applications, the kit seamlessly integrates with various machines, including popular brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, and Bron.

Whether you're tackling a large-scale project or a smaller installation, the "Zero Tension" kit provides the peace of mind and efficiency you need.

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What's included:

The zero tension kit comes complete with all the necessary hydraulic & electrical equipment. It comes with full circuit drawings to allow plumbing & electrical wiring.

We can supply equipment in kit form for fitting by the customer, or we can complete the whole job to a turnkey finished system.


The finished systems are of a high standard and can achieve Telstra certification - providing the correct information is supplied by the customer. We’re only too happy to assist you with this aspect of the job.


Our system has ploughed thousands of kilometres of fibre cable for the leading communication companies in Australia. Our system is simple to setup, operate and maintain.

Our first Zero Tension setup was completed in 2000 on a D7H. Since then we have completed more than 30 systems for various companies all around Australia, including Leighton and Downer & Ventia.

We have recently completed a D9 dual plough for a customer. We also have the build kits available for the Dual Drum Systems.


We have kits in stock now, so call on 03 5445 6900.

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