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Our newest specialised business unit offers a complete maintenance and repair solution for Access Equipment and Elevated Work Platforms (EWP).

McCullochs EWP can perform:

• Pre-operational inspections
• Routine inspections - 3, 6 & 12 month
• Periodic inspections
• Major inspections (10 yearly)

Major inspections include:
• Dismantling and examination of critical components (inspection of certain components may require a complete strip down and removal of grease and corrosion), and
• Assessment and recording of the serviceability of each component or assembly.


Inspections may include:
▪ Identifying any modifications to critical components or systems that deviate from the manufacturer’s specifications.
▪ Creep testing.
▪ Identifying damage to items like tyres, structural components and hydraulic hoses.
▪ Identifying abnormalities or defects—oils leaks, discolouration, cracks, unusual noises and vibrations.
▪ Checking fluid levels and greasing.
▪ Whether items or systems function as designed.
▪ Making adjustments as required.
▪ Vehicle & equipment painting.
▪ Identifying loose or missing components including safety critical fasteners.
▪ Undertaking written assessment of continued safe use, taking account of past and possible future use.
▪ Checking for any insulation damage (insulated EWPs).
▪ Whether any manufacturers’ recommended safety upgrades have been completed.
▪ Whether data plates, placards and warning labels are in place and legible.

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